Why is balance so important

So yesterday we tackled stress. Why did we tackle this first? Well it’s a hell of a lot easier to sleep, eat and move if we’re not running on the verge of a massive adrenaline dump 24/7. So now we tackle your sleep.

Sleep is a superpower.

Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture for obvious reasons. Lack of sleep severely impairs our function. In fact you might as well drink and drive (well no, DON’T!) if you’ve going to drive on less than 5 hours sleep, as your cognition will be able as good.

Lack of sleep has huge ramifications for your hormones, mental health, ability to digest food and of course energy levels.

All of this has a snowball effect, as a tired, cranky person is not a pleasure to be around so it can impact interactions with others. Which has got to suck for those people you co-habitate with during Iso.

If you don’t co-habitate, the loneliness of isolation can be a lot worse when you are a tired, emotional mess (I know this well!!)

We want to strike a balance, of what you’re outputting and what your inputs are. Sleep is a massive input, a recharge, it repairs our poor stressed brains, it takes out the trash, it helps prevent cognitive decline.

Sleep is a super power, in fact there is even a Ted Talk on this.

How do we do that? Read on to the next sections.