Creating a new normal

Soooo, 2020 eh?

What a year it has been, unprecedented is probably the best way to describe it! The last few weeks have been pretty up in the air wouldn’t you say? So you would be forgiven for struggling to find a routine. With the smell of fear and scarcity in the air, I wanted to provide something to encourage acceptance, growth, openminded-ness. I wanted to create something to help you Thrive. To do this I created what I originally titled the Iso Survival Kit, however I don’t merely want you to survive, I want you to thrive. So I decided let’s go on the offensive, lets create you an Iso Attack plan! Let’s go all out!

So where to start?

With gyms, eateries and most kinds of relaxing pursuits off the cards how do we get back balance in our daily lives? We keep it simple! We sort you week based on your goals, priorities, and most importantly, reality! Some of us have more time up our sleeves than normal, but even if we don’t there is less to be done outside of work hours, less driving, less socializing, less extra curricular activities, so let’s try and use some of that time to get a new routine in place.

First step:

In part one of today’s activities, I would like you to take a moment, grab a pen and paper or open your notes section on your phone or computer. I would like you to write down what you were hoping to achieve this year. At least 1-3 things minimum. If you haven’t thought about yet just think about what would be ideal, Iso or not.

First three things, whatever they are, no matter how ridiculous. Top of head, and GO!!!