Focusing on priorities

Priorities… we all have them. What may have seemed like an all important priority a few weeks back most likely doesn’t seem quite as important as now. In fact I’d dare say that now, we’re keeping it real! Our priorities now are clean food, water, electricity, safe space, security, family, friends, getting time outside, getting movement and getting sleep. Some of these things may not have made the list a month ago.

The struggle is real

For the most part, aside from natural disasters, we’ve been pretty fortunate in Australia to not really have to worry too much about many of these things in our life-times, but for many people around the world it isn’t the case. However many of us are struggling to see things this way, and are instead focusing on the limitations, what we can no longer do, worse case scenario sh*t. This isn’t going to help anyone. Have a think about it, think of the things you actually CAN do now. What are the positives you can take from this? How can you grow?

Step two:

So now in the first part of this section, I asked you list down what you would like to achieve this year. Now I would like you to list down what are your absolute priorities at the moment? At least 1-3, in order of importance. First things that pop into your head.

Then I want you to look at your goals, note where the overlap is if there is any, and where the discrepancies are. Our goals and priorities don’t always align, and that’s more than okay. Our priorities are what we will gravitate to. It’s easier to accept yourself without judgement when you are aware of why you make the choices you a make, and what are your biggest drivers.

With a bit of creativity maybe you can make your goals and priorities align, by thinking outside the box, and using any extra time you have now to get you closer to them. So let’s get to work on your attack plan so we can ‘buy’ you the time and space to do the things you want and need to do.

Let’s get real!