Keepin’ it real

So in reality what is important now, is embracing the new. Our lives have most likely been turned upside down, so we can reclaim them by designing our lives around what we need and want to accomplish. Think of it as a giant ‘Rona reset!

The Iso Attack plan

I have attached a super simple spreadsheet, this will form the basis and the tangible element of your Iso Attack Plan, the mental element is your mindset, let’s get you owning your days, let’s go on the aggressive with this.

The spreadsheet is no biggie, I have kept it super simple so you can actually use it, it just requires copying and pasting some colour and adding a few notes. Child’s play! You could literally print and colour in if you like 😉

You grow where your focus goes

The first cab off the rank will be related to income and personal growth. I would like you to fill out the hours in your week (known or unknown just figure out what would be ideal to you) that you spend doing these types of activities that add to your financial growth or value in terms of knowledge, skills, expertise and the like. All the things you do to add to your ‘professional’ growth.

Work: self explanatory
Volunteering: formal or informal
Job Hunting: includes hunting, applying for grants, networking
Study: Formal study, self-learning, books, anything adding value

Your main challenge for this week, if you choose to accept it, plan that sh*t out, it’s important. More mini challenges to come each day.

Make a copy or Download your Iso Attack Plan