Real change.
It isn’t just a dress size.
It isn’t just a scale weight.
It’s isn’t just setting a new pr.
It’s what you see when you look in the mirror. When your body and mind are working together to bring you health and a great quality of life.

Want to work with a trainer who can speak from experience and can walk the talk? Who understands that real change takes time?

Then get in touch, I would love to help you… if you’re ready for real change.

I work with individuals to navigate the process of transformation, addressing all aspects of lifestyle from stress, food, training and mindset. We work as a team to determine the problems you are facing and formulate solutions, that are practical and manageable, in a realistic time frame. We can tailor a package to suit you, in-person, online or a hybrid solution.

A bit more about me…

In my early 20s, while studying at uni, working and enjoying a thriving social life, I was struck with a mystery virus that developed into what was labelled ‘post viral syndrome’ aka Chronic Fatigue. I gained 20 kilos and was unable to do much without being tired, experiencing fever and anxiety. I was constantly searching for solutions to my health dilemma, I tried every medical treatment I could, to no avail. It was only when I took control and began working with a naturopath to address my stress, dietary and digestive issues, and hired a personal trainer, that I received any respite and was able to return to work. However after years back in the workforce I got complacent.

In another career I was a digital marketer, a particularly stressful and deadline oriented career choice, with extremely long hours and many external pressures. This led not only to chronic back issues, and meant I wasn’t putting in the work to look after myself properly. I was not managing my stress levels as well as I could have, rather I was in denial, with this neglect for my own well-being culminating in a trans ischemic attack (T.I.A. aka mini-stroke). This traumatic and life altering event led me to make big changes, to follow my passion, focusing on the one thing that had changed my life in my twenties, finally pursuing a career in health and fitness.

Today I help people get healthy, strong, move better, recover from injury, illness, help them lose weight and feel better about themselves. My aim is to help as many people as possible avoid the pitfalls that I experienced by living my former life.

I work hard to learn from the best so I can provide my clients with a best advice, assistance and support to enable them to thrive and experience a much better quality of life. This is isn’t just fat loss, quick fixes and punishing workouts. I truly care about exacting permanent change and teaching my clients how to look after themselves, grow and self parent so they can become the best version of themselves.

If you would like to see if I could help you, reach out, I would love to chat to you and see if we would be a good fit.


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