Guest blog for Pear Collections

Hi I’m Katie, a personal trainer dedicated to helping women get stronger, healthier and more empowered. I came to this career after years in digital, once I figured out just how important this was to me after years of struggling with this myself. You see I am a ‘pear’. My mother was also a pear, her mother was a pear and so on, indeed it runs in the family.

Growing up in the era of the supermodels made it hard to come to terms with this. There was nothing out there for young women who didn’t fit the mould, especially those who were a bit fuller in the hips. I had my fair share of struggles over the years with body issues, weight fluctuations, self acceptance and figuring out how to look and feel my best in a world that made me feel like my figure was unacceptable. Something as simple as buying a pair of jeans or pants for work was akin to a traumatic ordeal.

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While attitudes about what constitutes an ideal woman and woman’s fashions have changed considerably since then; out with the heroin chic, in with bootylicious babes; I know how hard it can be to feel comfortable in your own skin, to find self-acceptance, and a great fit.

Pear Collections aims to change that, so I am honoured to have been asked to help them out with health and wellness content targeted especially toward women who I can whole-heartedly relate to, the kind of woman I am. I will be chiming in with health and fitness tips to help keep your mind and body in shape and help you make the most of one of your greatest assets!

I look forward to doing just that over the coming months, so stay tuned for more.

Guest Blog written by: Katie Masters from KM Health.

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