Feedback from some of the the amazing, valued members of my community.

I have been a client of Katie’s since January 2017. Initially, I began by joining in her boxing classes. These are fantastic, the positivity and comradery is excellent. Having been scarred by previous fitness and gym experiences this was really important as it created a fun but safe space. The classes are targeted and Katie ensures that all fitness and physical needs are met. She also ensures the exercises and combinations change, which is great because it keeps it interesting. In October last year, I began strength training as well. Working with Katie is exceptional. She ensures her knowledge and skills are continuously updated, making sure she uses this to the best advantage of all her clients. Her positivity and holistic approach to health and well-being has ensured that I can see progress each and every week. Both my physical and mental strength continues to develop each week thanks to her targeted, tailored, caring and informed approach. I am the fittest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Working with Katie is the best choice I have made for my health and well-being. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for a health and well-being program that is tailored to individual needs.


Best thing I ever did was get in contact with Katie ???

I started doing FIRE and ICE training in October 2017 and am now onto my 3rd 12 week program. Balancing training with nutrition alongside being a teacher and having a social life does get challenging but you get what you put in and the results speak for themselves.

No hard and fast results here – just determination and a mindset that the rewards will come! ??

Thanks Katie for always making our sessions fun and guiding us in the right direction ???‍♀️


I’ve been training with Katie for over 12 months, before and during my 2nd pregnancy. I have felt so much more healthy, fit and have experienced less pain and discomfort this pregnancy due mostly to my twice-a-week sessions with Katie. She’s great at still pushing me while also modifying exercises as my needs and abilities change. With 5 weeks to go in my pregnancy I’m still training and can’t wait to get back to it after my recovery!

My husband also joined me a couple of months in and we love training together even though we have different strengths and goals. Our 2 year old even comes to one of our sessions and Katie is so great with her!

I can’t recommend Katie highly enough!


Katie introduced me to resistance / strength training a couple of years ago and to be honest, I haven’t looked back!

Not only is she an encouraging and supportive trainer, she consistently challenges my boundaries and has helped me make huge changes to my fitness and nutrition.

She has helped me achieved strength / mobility goals which has only complimented my other love.. Combat sports!

Katie is an incredibly passionate trainer who is focused on helping her clients achieve optimal performance – in my case, she’s been helping me build a healthy, functional and injury resistant body .

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

I’m lucky to be part of the KM Health fitfam.


I’ve been working with Katie for over 6 months starting with a dedicated high intensity cardio workout and more recently a month of strength training.

I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been and Katie has played such a large part in making that happen. We always manage to have a laugh no matter how hard the sessions turn out to be. I’ve benefited so much from being able to talk to her about things that are happening outside of the gym which play a larger part in how I can be at my best (or not so much) during a session.

If you’ve ever wanted to give strength or cardio training a shot, get in touch with her, she is REAL. And she has a great bunch of clients who are just as inspired as I am with her endless reserves of positivity and brightness.

And at a minimum, follow her on Instagram to check out my weekly opportunity to be a bit silly with our (feels like) ‘death poses’ ?. Thanks for everything so far Katie; looking forward to the next 6 months already ?