***Age defying results*** While that phrase may conjure up marketing slogans and images of youthful skin, shiny hair and svelte physiques, there’s a lot more to it than vanity products. It’s what progressively building strength and eating good food can do for you, as evidenced with the side by sides the result of 5+ years of doing just that.I won’t mince words here, the degenerative effects of ageing are no fu*king joke. You only get one body so look after it!The decline of our mind and body is something the skin care manufacturers and gimmicky fitness fads fail to mention in their slick anti-ageing and lose-fat-quick schemes. Aches, pains, memory lapses, disease, decay, death. Not happy thoughts, but very real.Investing in your health can help slow down the ageing process. Building muscle and eating food full of nutrients can help your body retain not only a more aesthetically pleasing shape but more importantly can have you functioning independently for longer. It can not only make you feel more focused, confident and capable, but it can help slow the decline of your cognitive function and improve your mental health.If you are not actively doing anything to help yourself get strong and put the good things in, then you are doing your body, mind and, in fact, your very future longevity, a HUGE disservice. Some good old fashioned hard work now could help prevent some pretty horrific outcomes.You health is the best anti ageing investment money can buy!

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