All work, no play? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, so why do so many people ‘grow up’ and ignore their playful side? Why do their lose their sense of adventure and choose to stop learning? There is so much opportunity for growth and fulfillment out there, why limit yourself? Not this girl. Fearless Kel, recently started playing ‘footy’ for the West Footscray Roosters, screw the rules! And the excitement and energy she has gained from it is infectious! As a coach it’s so rewarding to see her instinctively apply the things we’ve been working on the last couple of years to her new passion, she has increased focus and is really embracing the importance of quality of movement, good sleep, food, recovery and maintenance with all the new challenges that playing a fast paced sport can bring. And those tackles! Hats off to you @krowe87 , nothing makes me happier than to see you in your element, living life to its fullest, playing a game you love! I just pity the poor girls who get between you and that ball cause I know how strong you are!!!

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