Are you ready for your comeback?

Many of us may have trepidations about returning to ‘normal’ life after being locked down for an extended period. It’s completely valid and completely okay, but remember, like every other change, things will get easier. Give yourself space and time to adjust to the new, but remember the longer you put it off the bigger the hill you will have to climb to regain your health.

Gyms will be taking critical precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. So please make the most of your time and exercise in a safe and healthy way. If you are coming back weak, injured or completely unfit, get the help you need, so you come back stronger and healthier.

If you want to get back into the gym and exercise, but feel like you have let yourself go (or down), then kindness is the first exercise that you need to focus on.

Accept where you and other people are at. People are going to be more sensitive, insecure, paranoid, so respect each other’s personal space, privacy and be kind to each other.

Share compliments.

Share your trials and tribulations.

We’ve all had a tough road this year.

And quite a tough road ahead to returning to some sort of normalcy.

So remember, be kind and look after yourself and your fellow humans.

Then we can all get things back on track.

In a much safer, healthier way, for a better future.

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