I know how hard it can be to ask for help.I remember back to my 20s when I was struck with a particularly nasty virus for 2 months and how long road back to recovery was with the aftermath of chronic fatigue.Having exhausted all the medical options available with no success, I decided to hire a pt. This was back when only celebrities seemed to hire them, but I knew I needed it, desperately. The illness and the 20kgs+ I had gained while unwell made life so miserable. My energy levels, self esteem and desire to be seen in public were non existent. I knew what lay ahead was a long, uphill slog, however facing the discomfort and embarrassment were the only real chance I had to get my health, and my life back.I’ve had many ups and downs since then but the consistent things that have gotten me through whatever challenges I have faced, mental and physical, are quality food, movement and recovery. As simple as that!Everyone has a starting point. The advice would I give my old self is the advice I’d give anyone, start now! Leave behind the excuses and summon the courage to ask for help today. Do it for you!

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