All it takes is a split second for your life to be irreversibly changed… After a couple of recent instances of friends having brain-related emergencies, I was reminded how this can be either a curse or a blessing, it’s all how you allow it to impact you.When I had my little emergency with a T.I.A 5 years ago, I spent at the very least the first year allowing it to impact my life in a negative way. I chose escapism, blame and self pity, as a way to cope with things, instead of realising just how fortunate I really was. I have no permanent impairment, only the little bits of trauma that still remain in the form of a couple of lesions, and the occasional fear that it may happen again. By doing everything within my power to prevent this, I have managed to rewire what was once a crippling thought process, that prompted many a roadside anxiety attack. I am so fortunate I got a new lease on life and get to go on to do amazing things.After talking to these friends about their instances, I have been reminded just how fragile and robust we are, how our brain can do amazing things, how our health is everything and how often people take it for granted.Today I consider this instance as the pivotal moment that shaped my future, one of the hardest lessons I have ever faced. It’s what prompted me to change careers, to pursue my passions, to manage my health, my stress and thoughts. It’s also been one of the greatest gifts, in that I now get to help people prevent a similar fate and lead richer lives.By having the opportunity to educate others about health, and mindset, I get to help them break those negative, vicious cycles that we are all too often drawn into, and that do us the greatest of disservices. Your health is no joke, you either respect you mind and body today, or in the best-case scenario, you face a cruel awakening ahead. You, and only you, have the power to change your outcomes.

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