*uck what people think, quite frankly, do you! By looking after yourself in the truest sense.What’s the point in having all the the fancy trimmings, the latest gadgets, looking and behaving a certain way to seek the approval of others, when deep inside you aren’t satisfied, or even worse, hate yourself?If your basic needs are not being met, no amount of aesthetics, material possessions or social status will fill that void. It’s not good for your health, not sustainable in the long term, and there will be repercussions.If you are not in touch with your real sense of self and what’s going on internally then you will struggle to be healthy physically and mentally.Get in touch with what it really means to be you, and what your body and brain truely need. Health and fitness isn’t just reps and sets, max efforts and macros, rest and recovery. Becoming aware and actively working to improve thoughts, feelings and words is all a part of getting stronger and growing as an individual. Treat your brain like a muscle, train it to help you reach your full potential.

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