Do you beat yourself up?

As much as I truly wanted to train this week, I’ve taken an unscheduled rest due to an ear infection.

Sure I could’ve pushed through, but I cut out anything this week that was not completely essential to devote all of my energy to recovery. A stark contrast to how I used to behave by:

  • not cutting back on workloads and workouts
  • not taking time out to let my body heal
  • not practicing things that to reduce overall stress all-round, behaving like I was invincible Instead, fearing that I would lose all of my hard work in every aspect of my life, I would push through, and as a result be sick for weeks.

I let fear determine my behaviour, and beat myself up for succumbing to illness. Treating my brain and body with total DISrespect.

This is part of the reason I do what I do. To use my past experience to help others learn respect for their brain and body. Lessons I have learned the hard way, because just like everyone else, I’m far from perfect or invincible!

So if you’re feeling tired, run down, unwell, instead of the self harm (which is what it is), try to:

  • Get adequate rest and sleep
  • Take measure to reduce stress like meditation, mindful practice, gentle movement
  • Put the good things in with real food and plenty of hydration‍
  • Work and training will always be there, take a few days off. It will usually help improve your performance. You wont lose your job, get fat, or lose gains overnight.
  • Supplement with things that may help your immunity where needed

Above all go easy on yourself, be patient and give your body what EVERY body deserves… RESPECT. ️

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