Don’t get SAD, get active. While the saying goes, ‘summer bodies’ are made in winter (well… actually they’re made all year round, with consistent effort) there is another massive benefit to hitting the gym in the colder months. The benefits to your mental and physical health.As the days grow shorter, colder and darker, keeping it on the positive side can be difficult for some people. This and the fact it is harder to get outdoors to move, means we are less active, eat more comforting foods and get even less vitamin D, something which many of us already chronically lack. This deficiency also compounds negative feelings, impacts our sleep cycle and is increasingly being linked to various conditions that effect the brain.By having a regular, structured training regime you can take some of the misery out of the winter months. Wouldn’t you like to boost your mood, wellbeing, immunity, quality of sleep and of course make life a hell of a lot easier on yourself when the temperatures start to rise again and the layers come off?Want to learn how to train effectively or just need someone to be accountable to? Shoot me a message, I’d love to chat to you.

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