Everything old is new again.

So unless if you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you’re probably aware that gyms are set to open in Melbourne next week. If you are returning to the gym, heres some things to be aware of in order to make your return safe and as risk free as possible.


– masks must be worn unless exercising strenuously

– towels must be used or you may be refused entry

– water, hydration is important!

– hand sanitiser, if you are feeling anxious about the experience it might be wise

– non fixed items, rollers, mats, bands, pads, etc, better off to bring your own to ensure you have these available as gyms may have removed porous shares items


– Keep out of others space, many will be feeling a bit paranoid about sharing space

– Be mindful of what you express and ask, not everyone will share your views

– Keep it clean, put your wipes, bottles, masks etc in the bin and wash your hands

– Don’t be selfish if you can’t attend cancel any bookings well in advance, gym floor availability will be a minimum


– Don’t go from 0 to 100, ease back in, start with a couple of sessions and work up

– Don’t go back to your pre lockdown weights, speeds or durations

– Focus on quality of movement and mobility, not more weight on the bar, you may not have the same ranges of motion available after all of the confinement

– Hydrate adequately and consider a magnesium supplement to ease those aches and pains

– Don’t reward yourself with poor quality food afterward, eat nutrient dense food and protein to help you recover

– Rest and recover, make sure you get decent sleep, active recovery like walking, massage and allow enough recovery time between sessions

– If in doubt consult an expert. If you are coming back feeling weak, rusty, injured or you are new to the gym, hire a trainer to help you make the transition back smoother and safer.

You don’t have to go headfirst back into the gym.

Exercise consistency and restraint, but enjoy your newfound freedoms.

This is something that we’ve worked hard to earn, so be proud and be intelligent about things so we don’t get locked out again.

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