Happy International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate and respect women from all walks of life and our achievements. I’m fortunate to be in a position to work with many strong, beautiful women. And I’m also constantly rewarded by having the opportunity to help women rediscover their forgotten strengths, not just the physical, also their inner strength.What I find, no matter how strong they are, no matter what insane obstacles and adversity they’ve overcome, the worst abuse, betrayal and the harshest of criticisms often comes from within. And this in turn makes them tolerate less than ideal treatment and behaviours.Strong, resilient women are, more often than not, their own worst enemies. (Just like many of their male counterparts who would’ve thought !). So while this day celebrates women and embracing sisterhood…do a sister a favour… take a moment to also celebrate all that YOU, yourself, have achieved… all that YOU yourself are capable of… And all the little quirks that make you unique! Not just your mum, your role models, your idols or some brilliant women in a foreign country you will probably never meet… YOU, that’s right YOU, are also worthy of the same level of respect and adoration you reserve for others, and YOU are also more than capable of achieving greatness! We can set a better example, a higher standard, if we avoid tearing ourselves or others down.Champion yourself! A little self love and compassion go a long way. ?#iwd2019

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