Happy international women’sDay.On this day I’m thankful to those who have come before us and struggled in this country to provide us the liberty to do what we want and be who we choose. It’s not everywhere in the world I could have dressed up (or down rather) and celebrated life with the Asian Marching Boys and the greater community last week at Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.I’m also thankful, not only, that I have the privilege of helping other women to live a better quality of life, lean into their strengths and be more empowered with their health and their bodies, but to also have amazing family, friends, peers and colleagues who support me in doing so.Aside from a week of crazy fear-driven media reports, and some questionably bad behaviour, we’re lucky to live in Australia and have the rights we do, to live as we please, that many take for granted. Don’t let fear, ignorance and bitterness blind you. Have a great IWD and be excellent to each other!

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