Monday’s, traditionally the busiest day of the week at the gym, however with the winter solstice nigh, the shorter days mean many prefer to stay in, indulge in food/drink, and stop thinking about health or actually getting out there and enjoying life. Not suprising that so many people get the winter blues.
At this time of year we can get so caught up in the minutae of everyday, we simply forget to do things for the fun of it.
So here’s some suggestions to beat the hibernation season:

❄️ – Get outdoors, it might be cold, but winter sports are in full swing. For the less sports-inclined, rug up for a walk or hike in nature which will reinvigorate, reduce stress and help you sleep better.

?‍♀️- Book yourself some ‘me-time’. Make an appointment with/for yourself, get a massage, get your hair did, whatever floats your boat.

? – Try something you’ve never tried before. Too cold outdoors for you? Winter’s the perfect time to explore your indoor activity options dance classes, rock climbing, escape rooms, ninja courses, axe throwing, options are endless.

? – Indulge your hobbies. Too often people neglect their creativity, leaving them feeling rather unfulfilled. Whether you identify as creative or not, participating in creative activities can help you look at things in different ways and spill over into other aspects of your life.

? – Learn a new skill. Is there something you have wanted to learn but never found the time? Winter months are a great time to focus on developing these skills with less of the distractions of the warmer months. Hire a coach or mentor in whatever it is that you’d like to learn to fast track your success.

?️‍♀️- Hit the gym. Of course I had to add this one in here, but winter gains benefit your physical and mental health and set you in good stead for the summer months.

Looking after your health shouldn’t be seasonal.

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