Instant gratification

Netflix…Uber eats…Shop online…Social likes…Swipe left…

There’s an app for everything. Is it really all Convenience, or a just a Con? Does it help ease or cause disease?

The things that purport to make life simpler and more manageable can at same time make us feel more miserable, helpless and alienated. Instances of Depression, anxiety and loneliness are sky rocketing. New terms like digital dementia are being coined to describe our over-reliance on technology to function and remember simple things.

Hell, something as simple as a walk in nature, cooking a nutritious meal at home, just being aware enough to look after our own basic health needs is a struggle for many.

We are collectively losing touch with the basic skills and necessities that make us human and feel whole.

  • Awareness of self and how to prevent disease, and improve health and longevity
  • Stimulating our brains by learning new thing, or honing our talents
  • Exercising our better judgement/common sense
  • Cultivating focus by nourishing our creativity or mastering a craft
  • Communicating effectively in person to share our stories, skills, talent, hopes and dreams

It’s in the struggles of these processes that we find true gratification, and achievement. Where we can reflect on a job done well, rarely gained by taking short cuts. So it’s really no wonder that mentally we’re often a mess.

However you always have a choice in the day to day things we do, to want better and to do better. The easy way, or do face the challenges, put in the time, and the effort.

If you find that you have the underlying feeling that there must be more to life, then you already have your answer…there is. You just have to be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty, because dependence on convenience comes at a much greater cost than just the RRP.

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