Integrity isn’t only about living up to your words for the sake others.

It’s also about keeping promises to yourself.And sometimes that can be hard, especially when you’re a busy health professional/entrepreneur, who is a mother of two, home schooling during a global pandemic.

When @Delacruzfams approached me to for online coaching during lockdown, she was ready to keep a promise to herself.She’d spent years as an accomplished psychologist ( looking after her clients, her family and her friends. She had sacrificed a lot to balance everything as well as she had.

Professionally Renee espouses many of the same values that I do as a coach, like looking after yourself from the inside out. She realised in order to truly practice what she preached she needed to make more time to really look after herself.

She wanted to be healthier, she wanted to lose weight, she wanted to continue building up her strength after a previous injury. She also wanted to be a positive role model for her daughter, as a strong, confident woman who loves and looks after her mind and body.

Despite a hectic schedule and business trips away she kept up her food prep and training at least 80% of the time through the entirety of lockdown… And then she broke a finger and it required surgery.Instead of letting this setback derail her, she kept up like the superwoman that she is. We strategized around her injury to retain strength, mobility and to keep her progressing. Along the way we managed to grow areas like her glutes, legs, shoulders, lats and lose body fat while eating more, despite no movement in one hand.In accomplishing what she has, Renee’s kept that promise to herself and has shown her daughter the importance of self care.

Renee has shown so much integrity, determination, and how you can turn adversity upside down. For Renee it’s not just about changing her body, it’s about honouring herself, it’s about being strong. She exemplifies what you can accomplish when your values align with your actions. Thank you for being the professional who leads by example Renee, and for keeping that promise to yourself. You should be damn proud, you are one strong woman!

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