Is strong, is good!

I’ve done a lot of things in my 40-something years on this strange planet, but one of the things that I enjoy being most, is strong. Not just the ‘I can pick up a heavy bar’ variety (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

However I enjoy being able to do things with my body that test my limits (and my nerve) and take me into ranges of motion I’m not comfortable in. I also like being able to carry all my groceries upstairs in one trip, moving my own furniture, doing my own repairs (badly!).

Independence feels damn good!

Most of all I like that it helps me feel that little bit less vulnerable when I walk down the street. That little bit more confident in my body and my capabilities. It allows me to hold my head up high and feel proud (quite literally).

And the great thing is it is like a Matrushka doll, there isn’t a limit. You can keep getting stronger, more mobile, more agile and then stronger again in these ranges. You don’t need a competition or a photo shoot to cultivate the desire to improve and become a more capable version of you.

Even if you are beginner and have no equipment, you can still work on being stronger, healthier and more confident from the comfort of your own home (thanks lockdown!).

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