It’s complicated. …And often confusing. No I’m not talking about a Facebook relationship status! I’m talking about relationship to self in this modern world. As people we’ve already merged so much with the new way, with the artificial, with the digitally facilitated friendships, with the editorially curated lives on social media we aspire to, and the many ways we can enhance what we look like in real life to match it.I’m not here to criticise anyone for that, I’d be lying to say were not all a part of it, but what about the inside, and the old ways? What about basic human necessities.We increasingly disconnect from the relationship we have with ourselves and others in real life. We ignore our instincts, our intuition, we don’t listen to our body, instead we look to the external for how we should think, feel, look and act. We’re so preoccupied with the next big thing, the superficial, we neglect the internal and we lack the genuine human connection we crave as a species.What we feed our mind matters. What we feed our body matters. What we do or don’t do with our physical form matters. Time spent with real people, not facilitated by technology, matters.A healthy mind and body is a product of the above. So if you want to feel happier, more energetic, more confident, then reconnect with the basics. Surround yourself with positive uplifting experiences that make you appreciate life. Nourish your body with real food, sleep and exercise. Nourish your brain with knowledge, empowering thoughts and compassion. Nourish you heart with authentic, real life human connection, and quality time with the ones you love.If you’re struggling heading into the new week, get back to basics, pick one of the above and run with it.️ See what you’ve really been missing out on.

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