Learn to play the long game. There are many ways to get results, but they’re not all created equal. You can work hard and fast, and short track your success however you still have inhabit your body after those X-amount of weeks, and live with the consequences.

Any damage you do in the short term can take a very long time to reverse.

The best approach to sustained change, whether it be weight loss, muscle growth, fitness or performance, is to take the long road and realize that it won’t always be linear, there will be ups and down.

Where do YOU start?

  • – Build a solid base with the right types of training for YOUR body, conducive to long term change and YOUR changing needs.
  • – Learn which foods, recovery strategies and stress management tactics work best for YOU.
  • – Factor your lifestyle into the equation, what changes can/can’t YOU make? This is where accountability and sustainability start.

Short cuts just short change YOUR health and happiness. Consistent effort always beat extremes.

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