*Contrary to what you may think you don’t need to be an instagram model, strength athlete, brand rep or figure model to benefit from lifting weights.

You too can lose weight, get stronger, move better, look and feel younger by incorporating a regular strengthening regime into your busy lifestyle. You may improve bone density, reduce risk of heart disease, build resilience and mental grit, boost your confidence, decrease injury risk, improve fertility and… you may even grow to love it!

It doesn’t take hours in the gym or crazy restrictive diets. It does take common sense, patience, persistent effort and the willingness to learn, to truly reap those benefits.

Don’t wait til you find the time, or until you’re a bit thinner/fitter/ready or whatever story it is that’s holding you back. The sooner you start, the sooner you WILL improve. The longer you wait, you’re another year older, weaker, fatter and less healthy than you could be. Level up and lift for a greater quality of life!

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