If you don’t make time to care for yourself, will anyone else? Moving conversation with a lovely lady today. Told me how she used love training, and at the end of a long term relationship she threw herself into the gym, got to her smallest adult dress size and felt amazing. This was a contrast to the lady now, a couple of sizes above, but feeling tired, everything aches, she’s unmotivated and above all stressed. She can’t figure out why she doesn’t have the motivation to do it again. Circumstances have changed though, and after the anger, upset and reclaiming of her life post-marriage, where she devoted a lot of time to self improvement, she now has limited time with a new partner, teenagers and multiple jobs. She is now, once again, so busy caring for everyone else, nobody is caring for her. And it’s taking its toll, ruining friendships, causing her stress, and so many emotions she began to cry. However if you don’t make yourself a priority, can you really expect anyone else to? Instead seeking motivation to rush headlong into unsustainable training and eating regimen, my advice to this lady was to start making small adjustments to improve her health and give her back her energy.  Focus on improving her sleep, and becoming more aware, by taking note of how situations, foods, drinks, different movements make her feel and working on changing them gradually. Motivation doesn’t last forever, but those small things that we become aware of and work on, improve our self-respect, and all contribute to the bigger picture, a sustainable new way of life.

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