More, more, more.More food, more convenience, more tech. As a society we’re all about abundance, but it’s not particularly healthy or sustainable.Do you really need to:- eat all the food just because it’s delicious and readily available? – compulsively do endless hours of exercise til you hurt just because you can? – Binge watch all the episodes of the latest Netflix series just because it’s on demand?- spend half your life on social media just because you got a notification- take all the medications because it’s easier than tackling the cause? – drink all the drinks because theres a bar tab?- Buy everything ‘everyone else’ has because you’re conditioned to? Ultimately it won’t make you any happier or healthier. You know what might? Saying NO!Stop being a slave. By abstaining or at least curbing these behaviours you learn to take back some control of your life, you’ll be proud that you did so.Think less, less, less. Keep it simple.-Eat when you’re genuinely hungry in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.- Buy things when you genuinely have a need, not following that herd mentality, or trying to outdo others, they probably don’t care or matter.- Don’t train to punish yourself, train because you want to improve, master a skill and enhance your lifeGet out and create experiences you enjoy, certainly don’t live your life according to what you see on a screen. #ironic

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