What you do when you’re not motivated makes the difference.

Upon waking at 6.30am today; after coming home at 12.30am from a mates first fight to an apartment block resembling a horror movie (electrical fault) with no heating to warm my frozen self… the last thing I wanted to do was get up and go!

Especially as I was headed to the Port Melbourne Icebergs Winter Solstice Plunge, raising funds for @fightmnd. My clients Elissa & Andrew invited me, as Andrew is a member. Not one to shy from a challenge I agreed.

My motivation was super low however, running on 5 hours sleep but what kind of person would be if I decided to back out because I was tired and cold, this event raises funds for people who don’t have the luxury of making such a choice.

So off I went, I was only going to dip in the water and donate afterall… or was I?

If the Icebergs are tough enough to swim out to ‘Sammy the stick’ (pictured, much further out than appears!), what kind of lily-livered creature of comfort am I? Hell no, I would swim.

It was all going so well until panic struck, I don’t usually swim in ice cold water, and the shock to the system/pace I was trying to keep, caused my heart to sky race, arms and legs grew heavy, maybe I wouldn’t make it through the growing swell. So I honed in on my breath, and before I knew it I had reached ‘Sammy’ with the support of the Icebergs.

What an amazing experience, I felt more alive than I had in ages; proud I had pushed through an frightful moment to complete the swim.

Throw yourself in the deep-end!

Test your wits, your survival instincts! When we grow accustomed to comfort, we stagnate.

All we need is the air we breathe, the water we are made of, the food that fuels us, the movement and momentum that propels us forward and good people around us.

The rest doesn’t matter, it’s luxury that we take for granted. Many are far worse off than us, and wish for nothing more than the freedom to do as they please, for whom just swimming in safe, clean water is a dream.

You don’t need motivation to enrich your lives or lives others, you just need to want to do better.Thank you Elissa, Andrew and the Icebergs. #legends

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