If I had dollar for the amount of times I’ve been questioned about my cardio habits of late I could probably quit my day job… but I love what I do, so instead I’ll address the question. ‍ Truth is, my training demands and overall daily activity have been so high lately that the only cardio needed has been my recovery walks. No, I’m not a card carrying member of the ‘fck cardio’ club (although I’m no fan of mindless cardio!!!). Cardio, like different varieties of strength training, is simply a tool to elicit change within the body. To achieve the types of physique changes I have been working toward, strength training has been my staple, so cardio has been like a side dish, used a compliment my different phases of strength training. I have had phases where cardio sessions have been so super short and intense that I need a lay down afterward; I have had longer steady state cardio phases where the only thing that could get me through it was listening to the ‘Joe Rogan experience’, and every shade of cardio in between. Everything can have a place in a structured program, as long as it has reason for being included. So no, if you want to get leaner, and more ‘toned’ there isn’t a magic fat-burning treadmill setting*, and attending 10+ group fitness classes wont get you the changes you want in the long term either (*filed under other frequently asked questions). It’s all about structure, balance and managing stress. Progressive strength training, selective use of cardio and quality recovery. So ditch the notion of mindless cardio because you’re a human not a hamster. ‍Want to learn how to exercise to work WITH your body and not against it? Talk to me!

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