Ready to push forward into the New Year? Ready for all the resolutions and expectations we put on ourselves about how we’ll do things differently and make it our year? Almost feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure? Well here’s some tips to help foolproof your plans.1. If you’re new to training don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start with what you can manage AND adequately recover from. Book a couple of recurring gym sessions in your calendar to regularly commit to and increase only when you have stuck to this new habit.2. Anyone can benefit from taking it outdoors. Beaches, mountains, parks, pools, all great places to increase overall activity, destress, bond, have fun, boost vitamin d and get in touch with nature. 3. Keep your kitchen filled with nutritious food to keep you fuelled and give you a bit of balance if you’re eating more meals out and drinking more frequently. If you only have good food choices on hand you eliminate extra temptations.4. Work on creating daily habits, once the new year motivation wears off you’ll already have a healthy structure in place. Prioritise a good nights sleep, some form of activity at a time that works for you each day and some form of enjoyment or relaxation that you can maintain and fit into your schedule. It doesn’t have to take hours, but make time for yourself daily, ritualise it, it will pay off in the long run. Small steps taken now and consistently maintained will equal big changes by this time next year.5. Work with a pro! If you lack confidence, direction and the big one… accountability, then you’ll likely quit out of frustration. If you’re really serious about making change, work with someone who can help add structure to your training to get results, educate you so that you can train safely and effectively, provide accountability so you can establish routines, get the most out of your training and make steady progress. A gym membership is only useful if you use it and know what you’re doing! Don’t waste time and money, get the help of an expert. Bring on 2019!

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