It’s the obligatory New Year’s message time of year!!! Never been a huge fan of this time of year, but if nothing else it is a time you inevitably reflect. So thank you to everyone who has made this year, actually this decade, one of tremendous growth and transformation. I’m grateful for every experience and interaction that has bought me to where I am now, no matter how good or bad. The biggest lesson I have learned this year (and continue to relearn) in particular, is to just be yourself, make the choices that align with who you are and what makes you feel alive. People may not understand but that’s okay, you have to live with your decisions and answer to yourself, no one else has to. And this is what I encourage not only my clients but each and every one of you to do. Defy the herd and go your own way. Better to be an outlier than be miserable.May your 2020 be filled with health, life-changing experiences and unprecedented growth. Go forth, conquer and be someone you can be proud of!

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