Your pain is a gift. It’s feedback, it’s your body’s way of alerting and protecting you. Yet we spend so much time avoiding it, medicating it, ignoring it. That won’t make it go away. We tell it to hush, take pain killers, self medicate, mask it with other things like contraceptives, but they all have their trade-offs.If we actually take time to figure out the story that the pain is telling us, we can find the source and address it. We can work through the pain, learn and grow… hell we can even thrive.If you are experiencing physical OR mental pain, like stress and anxiety, invest the time, the money, the energy to get to the root cause and do the work to address it, for your own sake. It is knowledge that will empower you to be free of it. Don’t turn a blind eye, use your pain to guide you to a happier, healthier you. Your future self will thank you.

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