*** PAY ATTENTION *** You’re not too old, too fat, too broken. Your looks, age, weight, illness, injury, job, income, dietary preferences, none of these things should actually define you as a person. You define who you are by your thoughts and actions. You don’t need to buy products X,Y and Z to look or act or feel better. You just need to want to better and work towards that by doing what’s right for you and what’s right for your body. So what is that exactly?

The funny thing is your body is probably already trying to tell you! Pay attention to it, it’s not rocket science. What you put in, equals what you get out.Poor movement, poor nutrition, poor attitude, poor recovery = poor function, performance, thoughts, appearance.So again pay attention! Your body is pretty much the best friend you’ll ever have, it’s sole objective is to adapt to whatever dumb shit you throw at it and keep you alive. Help it!!!! Do the things you need to do, make those small tweaks, get the help you do need whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual.The real answers lie within you. Isn’t it time to show your body the respect it deserves and do right by you?

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