Progress isn’t always linear, but if you’ve been living in Melbourne the last 6 months yours may resemble a rollercoaster.And that’s okay. You can only work with the hand that you’re dealt. You may not be exactly where you want to be right now. You’ve also never faced what you’ve faced this year before. Keep things in perspective.You may not always recognise progress either. Maybe the weight on the bar isn’t going up (maybe you don’t even have a weight) or the fit of your pants is different, maybe you have been struggling so badly just doing your job is hard. Again that’s okay.There is lessons in the adversity, that you may not immediately see.If all of this is making you feel like you are not yourself or you have lost your way, find one thing that you CAN do. One small step forward in the right direction is far better than no action at all. Obviously if you want to feel better, healthier, leaner or stronger, you have to start somewhere. Here’s a handful of suggestions, why not try one?- Play: the novelty of play, games, hobbies and creative endeavours can help free you up to think and act differently.- Move: go for a walk, stretch, clean, dance, garden, play with the kids or the dog, or get in a workout if you have the energy.- Nourish: Grab some wholesome food and do cook yourself some nutritious prep. Up your water intake, throw out the unnecessary temptations. There’s no supplement that can outdo what a nutritious diet can do. Read and listen to positive voices. – Sleep: put things in place to get to sleep earlier, sort out an evening (or morning) routine to help you do so, switch off, get rid of unnecessary distractions and catch more z’s.- Get help: now that it’s an option, if you need to move, get a trainer; if you have niggling injuries, go see your allied health pro; not feeling great, see a doctor or counsellor. Don’t shy away from asking for help!The current situation make feel like you’re at a loss or have failed in some way. We’ve all been dealt some massive life lessons this year, yet here we are, more resilient for what we have overcome.If you need help getting started reach out!

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