Place value in yourself, and all that your body is capable of.People spend so much money on external things to simply look better: fad diets, fad training, fad clothing, cosmetics, fancy nails, skincare/dermals, hair products, but baulk at the cost of addressing underlying issues like manual therapy, strength training and addressing dietary/digestive issues.Guess what, in the long term those are the investments that will serve you better and actually save you money. Ignoring them comes at a far greater cost… your health!Having problems with your skin, hair, nails, digestion, movement, aches pains, or simple not being able to do things you used to do easily? The cause is most likely something going on internally (or isn’t and it should be!). No amount of money spent on ‘external’ things will fix things if the ‘internal’ is the problem, you’ll just keep spending to mask the cause.Want to not only look good, but feel good and do things you haven’t dreamt of doing in years? Fix your sh*t, get moving, clean up your diet and get yourself strong AF!!! Your future self will thank you

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