What do you love enough to change for?  This is a question asked by Paul Chek in a recent episode of his podcast with JP Sears.If you’re struggling to free yourself from habits, destructive behaviours, lose weight or just maintain a healthier lifestyle, try asking it of yourself.What is the answer? Is if yourself? Is it your partner? Is it your parents? Is it your kids, grandkids or your desire to have kids of your own? Is it your friends? Is it your art? Is it your passion? Is it your career? Is it your very freedom?Whatever it is, think about how the behaviour you’re trying to change might impact that. Are your lifestyle choices such as food, drinking, exercise, drugs (pharmaceuticals and the other kind), smoking, technology, the things you read/watch/listen to, not doing anything to manage stress, depression, anxiety… could these factors be negatively affecting what you love? Could they be affecting your health and in fact the length of your life? Could they be ruining your relationships and hurting those you love? Are they impacting your quality of life and time spent with others? Are they ruining the way you talk or act toward yourself and keeping you stuck in a negative rut?This simple question may help to give you some greater awareness and control over your actions/reactions, thoughts/responses and the things you expose yourself to daily. We often make things so much harder than they need to be, when the answers are quite simple. Go with what you love!

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