What do you value? REALLY value.One of the upsides of our lockdown for many has been figuring out what is really important to us. While we may have ups and downs in our health and fitness journeys, when everything aligns and runs smoothly it is usually because our goals align with the above.This legend is a perfect example of this. Pre-lockdown this social butterfly was often busy putting in extra work for others. Then lockdown struck, she was completely isolated, and then her beloved footy, was taken away from her. Instead of letting this situation hold her back, Kel realized what really matters to her, what’s important for her OWN happiness, not other people’s.During lockdown, Kel has made her own health and athletic performance a priority. It has been her mission to return to her second season of footy in 2021 stronger, leaner, free from injury and more resilient, and live like the athlete she truly is.Progress is not always linear. In fact it rarely is, as Kel can attest after a bike injury slowed her down earlier this year.She has taken advantage of her time at home to fortify herself, focusing on quality home cooked meals, working on her rehab, strengthening, running, mobility and recovery.The results of all of this show in not only her performance and in the aesthetics (she’s lost over 30cms in a few short months), but in her happiness levels, and calmness levels. She is doing the things that clearly feel right to her and align with her values. And that’s the most important part. Kel is really putting herself first, honouring her time and doing the work to ensure her future happiness. And this is what makes her a legend of lockdown! She should be immensely proud of the increased self awareness and all of the changes that she’s made and to make herself the unstoppable force we already knew she was! Keep kicking goals @krowe87 ?

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