You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for. When I was younger, crippled with insecurities, body image issues and self loathing, I would often find myself feeling worse in the presence of women with great bodies. I desperately wanted what they had, a perky butt, a tiny waist, toned arms and legs. Unfortunately for me, ignorance was not bliss. At the time I simply didn’t know that the only way I could actually change my body shape was to get strong. If I knew I would’ve saved myself years of suffering!!! Even when I lost weight with calorie restriction and cardio, I still felt insecure about my body as I had a flat pancake ass, and flabby limbs. The single MOST important thing I did to improve my body shape AND my confidence was to start lifting. Over time, with consistent effort and working with people more knowledgeable than myself, my shape has changed, along with my attitude, I now respect those women with bodies better than me for the work they put in or just appreciate that some do have really good genetics but that we can all work to make the most of what we are given. Ladies if you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight or change your body shape, and your workouts lacks any kind of structured strength training you’re doing it all wrong. Lifting will make you stronger, healthier, leaner, boost your confidence and self esteem. Simply put, it’s priceless! So get lifting… if you don’t know how let’s talk

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