What’s your favourite body part?A simple question. One I was stumped by earlier this week, after easily reeling off what my least favourite body part was.Why was it so hard? Don’t get me wrong there’s parts of my body that I love, am proud of and have worked hard on but the contrast between the ease of answering the first question and my lack of an answer to the second unnerved me.So I ask you, what is your favourite body part? We spend so much time and energy focusing on the parts of our body AND, in fact, lives that we’re less than happy with. If we took a fraction of that time to appreciate the parts we are happy with, proud of, grateful for, the things we CAN do, then just maybe the parts we don’t like won’t preoccupy us so much. Who knows we might even like ourselves a little bit more? For the record, my favourite body part would be my brain, despite its flaws (and signs of ischemia) it keeps me questioning, learning, growing and finding new ways to appreciate the life it affords everyday.

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