When the going gets tough, you have a choice to make. You can throw in the towel, let it define you, or, you can rise above.The lovely Liv, has risen above more than her fair share of challenges of late. Instead of giving up she has opened up and worked with me to find solutions to keep her progressing. And so this morning she was back at it, with her 50kg bench press, hardly missing a beat.At times we can all be hard on ourselves, I am certainly guilty of this, so I wanted to share a bit of admiration and appreciation for this super strong lady, who goes out of her way to help others give their best without acknowledging how much of a superstar and an inspiration she is! Keep up the amazing work @pawsforaffect, one day I hope to be able to lift as much as you do … but until then it’s an honour to help you go from strength to strength!

Categories: Making Change