It may be the first day of April, but who are you fooling? Training, food, lifestyle. They all have a massive impact on your health performance and appearance.So why do so many of us claim to have a handle on all of these things when we really don’t? Feeling tired, overweight, unfit, unwell, in pain? Then something is out of whack. And I’m not here to judge, I’m far from immune, it’s truly a balancing act. There are times where it takes a lot of personal responsibility to call yourself on it and keep on top of things, but only you can do it.You wanna look better? Feel better? train harder? Work on the ‘boring’ stuff, sleeping, recovering and eating well. When we’re not on top of these things, the wheels come off.So how to get back some alignment?Take a load off – Scaling back training isn’t a sign of weakness. If you can’t give your all, then don’t. There’s always other ways you can move, but if you’re feeling overly stressed, weak or sore, find something you can do that won’t place more stress on your systemActive recovery – Got a spare moment? Try to avoid the lure of scrolling thru instagram and move, stretch, walk, hang off a bar. Anything that helps change up posture/get blood flowing can help you feel better and recover better. Get organised – It may have been a long day but before bed of tuning out to tech, prep… food, clothes, notes etc for the next day. It’s a lot easier to sleep when no stones left unturned, and you’re not wired from staring at a screen.Quality not quantity – sometimes it’s hard to find time to do everything ‘right’ so focus on better quality, of movement, nutritional content of food, cutting back on things like caffeine and alcohol to get a sounder sleep. Identify where you need to do the most work and start there. A 1% improvement is better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself or wishing for a different outcome.

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