Who are you to judge? Been long time between posts. I took a well-earned holiday, switched off, set aside my responsibilities, had a great time… And when I got back to work I felt overwhelmed. I came back to social media, & would see what other health professionals, who usually inspire me, were putting out there and I felt like I had nothing worth saying. And after a while in this lonely space, I began to realise how selfish and ungrateful I was being. I pride myself on being a trainer who tries to be open minded, to listen, set aside my biases and allow my clients to be themselves. The payoff is generally my clients feel comfortable enough to be honest with me, and know that I’m not going unfairly judge them. It’s a lot easier to help people when they don’t feel they’ll be punished for being real. The funny thing is all along these same people were constantly thanking me, supporting me, and inspiring other people with their own awesome accomplishments. And here I was punishing myself, having a pity party, over-analysing things, getting anxious… over what? Nothing actually.I’m super fortunate to get to do what I love, to have many awesome industry pros and clients to inspire me. I’m also fortunate to have the life experiences I’ve had, for better or worse, these are what set me apart. These are the unique attributes I can bring to my work, this the knowledge I can use to help my unique clients, the sh*t that I have lived through and survived!So I’m hoping in writing this it can be of benefit to someone else. If you’re feeling derailed or overwhelmed, stop torturing yourself! Remove the negative lens your viewing life through or change the environment that makes you feel less than worthy. Think of the distance you’ve come, what you’ve faced, the people who mean the world to you, the small wins throughout the day and the things that make you uniquely you. Your scars are what make you who you are, so use them to make your world and the lives of others better.#scars #anxiety #health #wellbeing #life #selfish #worthy #focus #experience #mentalhealth

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