Why are we such @ssholes? Conversation on the gym floor today, a regular told me how everytime he sees me he can’t believe attractive I am, in a completely non-offensive way. Believe me this is no humble brag, I thanked him, but the very next thing I blurted out was that I wish I thought the same thing everytime I looked in the mirror. Then I thought about it and wondered why don’t I? I’ve travelled light years away from the girl who shirked away like a vampire when presented with a mirror or a photo opportunity, as if I would perish, yet when I look in the mirror or see a photo I still find myself focusing on the little flaws. I have put in a lot of work to change the way I look and feel, but still I can be a total asshole to myself… something I am forever telling others not to do! They say to get good at something you should focus on your strengths and bring up weaknesses, but when it comes to this so many of us focus on our weaknesses and disregard our strengths!So this is what I intend to do from now on and if you can relate, then I challenge you to do the same. Next time when you look in the mirror or take a picture, compliment yourself (that’s right like a crazy person ) ! Focus on the things you like about yourself, or at least on something you don’t hate, take a moment to appreciate it! You can still work on bringing up your weaknesses but you can do it while putting that inner @sshole to rest, RIP!

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