You can train hard, you can eat well, but if you don’t manage your stress levels, you can undo it all. Stress isn’t bad in itself, it’s our stress response that dictates how much it impacts our physiology. While there are as many different triggers as there are ways to overcome them, this isn’t the platform to tackle that. For brevity’s sake, one way you can begin to minimise stress is to seek out more balance in your life. With greater balance, your actions and emotions will,too, become more balanced.Some areas to start working on striking a balance:

  •  – The amount/quality of sleep you get vs the hours you spend working/training
  • – The types of foods you are consuming, vs the levels of activity you participate in‍
  •  – Time spent sedentary vs moving
  • – Time spent in daylight/natural surroundings vs climate controlled/artificial light/man made environments.‍‍‍
  • – Time spent communicating on device vs ACTUAL human contact AND connection ‍
  • – Time you spend on yourself vs time spent on others

It’s all about restoring as much energy as you expend. Just some suggestions, I’m sure you can think of many more. ️

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