Your body/brain, your responsibility! Some recent neighbourly issues had me thinking. How many of our health issues are self created, and how much of the responsibility for them do we outsource to others?

I have a neighbour who claims they can’t sleep because of the noise I make carrying on about daily life. Nothing wild here, no crazy parties or even blaring televisions, I don’t even own one!!! How much grief could she save herself by addressing whatever causes her to sleep so lightly, that common household noise wakes her?

And I’m sure we’re all guilty of this from time to time. Have you ever uttered something along the lines of these?

  • I had to stay back at X so I couldn’t Y
  • it’s not my fault, X wanted Y for breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • But X bought me Y so I had to eat/drink it
  • X said something that upset me so I couldn’t Y
  • Sorry X wanted me to go out so I couldn’t Y
  • I couldn’t sleep because XYZ
  • Between X and Y I don’t have time to Z

Sure not the end of the world but it does accumulate, and at some point you have to accept responsibility for these things. They are indeed within your control, despite not seeming so, you have a choice, you can say no. And if you choose not to that’s completely okay, but own that decision.

Your own empowerment is your responsibility.

A trainer, coach, nutritionist, rehab expert, counseller or whoever you enlist, can only help you to achieve X if you step up and own your sh^t.

You won’t get the results you want by projecting your problems and blaming Y, if anything you’re only prolonging your own suffering. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you want results follow this simple formula – make the time, do the work, eat the food, get the rest/recovery, address the issues as they arise… and repeat for as long as it takes (anything good takes time!).

Leave the outsourcing to the telcos!!!

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