Just a bit of midweek love to this gorgeous, strong girl, with her consistent work patiently chipping away at those goals. @kj_molloy has had some amazing progress but also experienced some of the usual disappointments that happen when you challenge yourself and miss the mark, something that is a natural part not only of lifting, but of course with life. Never-the-less she gets back to it, week in week out, constantly absorbing information, not only from me but from wherever she can find it, so she is constantly improving. In our weekly nutrition catch ups she usually has a new observation about herself, her habits and what she is learning to tell me. This thrills me as I can see the direct result of our combined efforts. I can see her taking on more and more ownership and changing from the inside out. Congrats on another fine effort last night KJ with that bench creeping back up there, and slaying that sled, no rest for Jops