Creating your own culture is crucial to not just surviving but thriving.No I don’t mean culture as some wanky HR buzzword, or in relation to your gut health (although the same rules would apply). What I am talking about is the culture you CHOOSE to reside within. Inspired by a chat with my mate, deep thinker @callum.mind_body, we tend to believe it’s not the possessions that people slave away to accumulate, but the experiences, knowledge, rituals and environment, ie the culture, that determines fulfillment and happiness. Growing up in an anglo-aussie household I didn’t necessarily have the rich cultural heritage of a lot of my friends from around the world, so I sought to create my own experiences by learning from people who did. This interest in learning and creating is part of the culture I have created for myself, which is simply to be better and do better. So how can you tell if the culture you reside in is getting you closer of further away from where you want to be? Question yourself and your motives. · Have you created an environment for yourself that is purely based on ease and comfort, or do you regularly challenge yourself to grow and overcome adversity?· Are you surrounded people who place more value honesty and integrity or superficiality and judgement?· Do you feel those around you support you or sabotage your efforts to better yourself?· Are you working to live or living to work?· Are the rituals and traditions (i.e. habits) that make up your day, of benefit or detriment to your sense of self worth?· Are the actions you take in alignment with your values, or the values of others?· Does spending time with your peers make you feel enriched and enlightened or depressed and drained?· Do you take time to appreciate the things you do have or constantly obsess over the things you don’t? Asking yourself these types of questions may help you identify areas that might need closer attention and changes, to enable you to achieve more of what you want out of life. Change the culture, change the outcomes. Just some food for thought. ️