Truth be told,anyone can get results in 12 weeks, or 8, hell, even 4.It’s easy… Keeping them? Thats a whole other ballgame… Doing it in a way that’s sustainable and allows you to actually have a life you enjoy and do the things you want? Thats another… …And then there is continued progress… that takes a whole other level commitment… Luckily for this superstar, @krowe87, she’s been able to do all of the above, despite a hectic work schedule, travel and a couple of gnarly injuries that happen when you’re pretty much an outdoor adventurer!The past 9 months have flown, but ever resilient Kel has managed to keep making constant change. Sure there has been little ups and downs, but she’s hasn’t let the small things, the setbacks, derail her from doing big things.She wanted to lose some cms to rock the dress in this photo earlier this year, and she nailed it despite working around a fracture. She wanted to reduce her lower body measurements overall, and if you swipe right you’ll see she’s smashing that out of the park.Real changes take time, but if you keep at it they keep coming. Congratulations legend, hardly a week goes by without someone commenting on your accomplishments and many talents (is there anything you can’t do?), keep on inspiring!So whats next for Kel ‘Death’ Rowe? Just chill, til the next episode