Necessity is the mother of invention, and not having access to my stove top for a week has made me inventive! ??‍♀️ This recipe can be modified for those who don’t like using canned food items (usually not my fav thing!), you could definitely substitute fresh ingredients, however for the time-poor here this a simple and delicious prep, with some pickled and fermented ingredients to help make more easily digestible. Tender Slow Cooked Chicken with Salsa Verde recipe as follows: 1. SLOW COOK (for at least 6 hours)- 1 kg diced chicken breast- 1 chopped red onion- 1 can corn (or a couple of fresh ears)- 1 can blended tomatillos (available at places that sell Mexican groceries, you could use two cans of crushed tomatoes, or opt for a couple of cups of fresh cooked tomatoes, tomatillos or green peppers)- 1 tsp ground cumin, coriander and smoked paprika- 1 chicken stock cube- 1 tbsp pickled jalapenos- 2 fistfuls chopped Kale 2. MIX IN A LARGE BOWL- half a large red cabbage, shredded- A sleeve of fresh coriander leaves- 1 of white cabbage sauerkraut- More pickled jalapenos- Saturate with the juice of at least one lime 3. PLATEDistribute salad between containers or bowls (if serving fresh). Top with a serve of the slow cooked chicken, more fresh coriander and lime juice. Enjoy