My Instagram Post 04 August 2017

*** It’s almost August, time to get ready and start working on a summer beach body!!! ***

It’s usually this time of year you start getting inundated with marketing messages like this isn’t it? …But wouldn’t you like a ‘beach’ body all year around?
Why GET ready when you can STAY ready?

Wouldn’t you prefer to be not only look great, but feel and perform great because… you are HEALTHY… inside and out? A ‘beach’ body and your health don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Stop accumulating the increasingly-difficult-to-shift weight that comes with ‘yoyo’-ing. Start Eating foods that nourish your body, building muscle that will not only help you burn fat and give you better shape but help you look, feel and function like you are years younger. With Consistent and persistent work will you can have BOTH a great body and, more importantly, great health. Aren’t you worth that?

If you’re sick of the same old BS and are ready to get started, and KEEP WORKING, on a healthier, better version of YOU, register your interest for my upcoming programs by following the link in my account tab! ?

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